Proof (almost) that swift and open crisis communication preserves business value

I’ve long been an admirer of the work of Oxford Metrica which focuses on the impact of a crisis on the value of a business.  It shows that the way in which a business responds to a crisis (not the fact of the crisis itself) defines the extent to which value is lost – or […]

Six principles for reputation management in a transparent world

My previous blog posting looked at the dramatically different context for reputation management in an era of total transparency, and the challenges this presents to leaders wishing to communicate and build trust with stakeholders. Here’s a copy of the full presentation from my session with Common Purpose: [slideshare id=12209887&doc=march282012commonpurposejh-120329100211-phpapp01] Against this background, successful reputation management […]

Reputation management in an era of total transparency

This year’s TrustBarometer from Edelman shows that trust in chief executives has plummeted: only four in ten people view CEOs as “credible spokespeople”.  This finding underlines the enormous challenge that businesses face in achieving successful reputation management today. It is also the background against which I led a workshop for business leaders at a recent […]

Why client relationships without trust are doomed to failure

The April issue of CorpComms magazine includes fascinating research about the level of trust between PR agencies and their clients.  The headline finding is that whilst over half of agencies believe they have an open and honest relationship with their clients, just 29% of in-house directors trust their agencies “absolutely”. I believe that in life […]

Crisis management 2012: are you prepared?

The first few weeks of 2012 have seen a succession of businesses in crisis management mode as they fought to protect their reputations in the face of challenging events and issues. Whilst the Costa Concordia disaster filled the news for weeks and required concerted crisis communication, RBS faced an issues management challenge over executive pay, […]

How word of mouth can protect your reputation in a crisis

Earlier today BBC presenter Clare Balding posted the following tweet: Sat next to nice woman who’d been on Qantas flight when engine blew up. She said pilot was amazing. He spent 2 hours talking to passengers afterwards and gave them his mobile number if they had questions or problems. She said Qantas were amazing. I’ve blogged […]

Filling the communication vacuum

It’s day twenty of our 28 day examination of organisations in crisis and issues management mode.  Given the pace of the 24 hour news media and the power of social media, it’s not surprising that there is an ever-increasing hunger for information, especially in the early stages of an incident.  Being able to satisfy this […]

Crisis communication: ignore conventional media at your peril

The role of social media in crisis and issues management is a very hot topic, and rightly so.  Unless you monitor what’s being said about you online, an on-going issue can develop into a crisis almost before you’re aware of it.  And without online channels to communicate in the immediate aftermath of a crisis your response […]

Sunday papers bring bad news for some

With Sunday supposedly being a day of rest, it’s ironic that it’s the time when many major crises break.  That’s because many of the Sunday papers specialise in investigative journalism, and carry extensive business sections.  As a consequence, PR professionals cannot afford to be without their crisis communication plan over the weekend. As we reach […]

Another week, another crisis…

We all get that Monday morning feeling, but it’s much more intense when you’re beginning the week with a bout of crisis management.  So, hats off to the communication teams at the following organisations who are doing exactly that right now: Hyundai: automotive; product recall BT: telecoms; allegedly at fault for an explosion which injured […]