Why problem resolution is only half the battle for effective crisis management

As the Environment Agency comes under pressure to address serious floods across England, they also face criticism for their lack of effective crisis communication.  It’s the dual challenge facing any organisation in the frontline of a major crisis: resolving the core issue and communicating effectively with affected stakeholders. Working with technology, manufacturing and operationally focused businesses […]

Putting Your Money Where Your Risk Is: The Business Case for Risk-Based Crisis Management

Understanding reputational risk is the first step towards effective reputation protection and so we are delighted to feature a guest blogpost on this topic from Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, a strategic risk and reputation management consulting firm based in New York City, specializing in global governance, risk, compliance, ethics and CSR advice. […]

Crisis management training pays dividends when the heat is on

I awoke on July 1 to the sight of a large, black smoke cloud filling the sky beyond Birmingham City Centre. It turned out it was coming from a fire at a waste recycling plant and was described as one of the biggest ever blazes tackled by West Midlands firefighters. The fire service is in […]

Supermarkets set the standard in horsemeat crisis communication

It’s easy to be critical of organisations’ attempts at crisis communication when you’re observing from the outside.  So I’m pleased to be able to give two supermarkets a pat on the back for their crisis management response to the recent horsemeat issue, having previously given Findus a rather harder time. It’s clear to me that […]

5 reasons why the BBC crisis is so damaging

No one disputes that the BBC is currently facing one of the biggest crises in its long history.  But what are the ingredients that define the magnitude of the issue it faces?  Here are five reasons why the crisis is of such huge proportions: 1) The people factor This is a crisis which has enormous […]

Risk assessments: the first step in reputation protection

Crises don’t seem to respect the summer holiday season and so businesses like G4S and ATOS Origin have been fighting to protect their reputations as the rest of us headed for the beach over the last couple of months. And whilst an organisation’s response to a crisis usually determines the reputational impact, it’s what it […]

Why planning for a crisis is the best way to prevent it

I’ve often stated with great conviction that the act of preparing for a crisis in itself reduces the likelihood of a crisis occurring.  So it’s reassuring to see new research from IR (Investor Relations) magazine which seems to validate this view. The research findings taken from a survey of 800 investor relations professionals around the world […]

Proof (almost) that swift and open crisis communication preserves business value

I’ve long been an admirer of the work of Oxford Metrica which focuses on the impact of a crisis on the value of a business.  It shows that the way in which a business responds to a crisis (not the fact of the crisis itself) defines the extent to which value is lost – or […]

Three crisis communication insights from NatWest outage

NatWest currently finds itself engaged in a battle to protect its reputation as its crisis management planning and training is put to the ultimate test.  It’s too early to draw firm conclusions on the long term impact, but here are my initial observations: 1) NatWest was slow off the mark as the crisis escalated online […]

Yahoo shows the importance of people in crisis management planning

News that Yahoo’s CEO, Scott Thompson (photo), has stepped down following accusations that his CV featured a fake computer science degree reinforces the importance of factoring people issues into crisis management planning. Organisations often find it easy to produce crisis communication plans for external events such as accidents, fires, natural disasters, IT failure and even […]