Online reputation management

Today, reputations are made and destroyed online. Negative commentary on page one of a Google search can cause customers, investors and prospective employees to turn away from an organisation. Online chatter can continue unnoticed until it transforms into a full-blown public crisis – sometimes before the organisation even knows the crisis is happening. And the pace and reach of online media can accelerate a crisis if an organisation lacks the digital tools to communicate just as rapidly.

The pace and power of the Internet provides an unprecedented opportunity to build a strong and engaging reputation.  Equally, the chance for anyone to express a view via social media – and the ability of the Web to spread a crisis beyond conventional geographical boundaries – have also increased the likelihood and impact of crises.  Insignia can train you to successfully manage these opportunities and challenges so you can harness the power of the Internet to build and protect your reputation online.

Insignia’s online reputation management workshops reveal the key insights, techniques and skills required by any organisation wanting to manage and protect its reputation online. Our crisis communication consultants will show you how to:

  • Create an early warning system for online crises
  • Develop a strong online reputation before the crisis hits
  • Create and embed a social media policy within your business
  • Pre-prepare online crisis management tools and resources
  • Train your team to successfully manage a social media crisis
  • Calibrate your response to an emerging social media crisis
  • Adopt the right tone of voice to de-fuse rather than inflame a crisis

Featuring analysis of recent crisis management cases and online tools and techniques, it is designed to gear up organisations for reputation management in the digital age.

We can combine the session with our social media crisis simulator so that delegates get their hands dirty and experience a social media crisis (almost) for real.