Reputation Management

reputation management  from insignia

We believe that a strong reputation has a powerful effect on driving business or organisational success. Whether you need to grow your business, attract high calibre people or generate fresh funding, the right reputation can be decisive in putting you ahead of the field. Insignia specialises in reputation management and so has the expertise to help you create an enduring reputation, then plan and execute activity to effectively communicate it.

As experienced communication consultants we often begin the process of reputation management with rigorous and insightful  communication planning to ensure that you achieve the reputation you deserve.  This frequently takes place in parallel with stakeholder mapping to identify, understand and prioritise the people and organisations who will be crucial to your reputation management strategy.

We also help organisations to develop and deliver on-going stakeholder engagement programmes using traditional public relations techniques, as well as social media and other channels to reach and influence the people who will determine the success of your reputation management strategy.

Insignia Communications is especially adept at advising organisations as they face serious reputation management challenges, often relating to change communication or issues management.  It is at these pivotal moments in an organisation’s life that its future destiny can be determined.  It’s also when the power of communication can be most effectively applied to achieve the best end result.

Finally, we advise organisations on reputation management at the most pressurised time of all: in a crisis.  Our consultants are experienced in crisis handling and so can be trusted to provide sound advice and support when the heat is on.


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