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Issues management with Insignia

Every organisation faces issues and so it follows that every organisation which cares about its reputation needs issues management.  The environment, safety, marketing to children, ethical sourcing, planning, pricing, health, animal testing, off-shoring – the list of potential issues is endless and constantly changing. The way that an organisation manages them can be business critical.

Insignia has the issues management expertise to help you map, monitor and manage issues, before they engulf you or explode into a crisis.

Through comprehensive issues mapping methodology and incisive stakeholder analysis, we help you to get to grips with the risk landscape facing your business – the first crucial stage to effectively managing it.   Based on this assessment, we can develop a strategy to steer a course through the issues maze to help preserve your reputation.  And Insignia’s experienced communication consultants can craft and implement the tactics – positioning papers, Q&A sheets, template holding statements, factsheets, brochures, on-line content – which will state your case effectively, reaching and influencing key stakeholders in the desired way.

Issues affect all organisations: some are destroyed by them, while others succeed in managing them.  Insignia can provide the issues management expertise to ensure you are in the latter category.

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