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From hero to zero: the next issues management test?

The use of zero-hours contracts could be the next big issues management challenge for UK businesses after last year’s tax avoidance scandal.  It certainly bears some of the same hallmarks, with one company already ‘outed’ (in this case Sports Direct) and Hovis hitting the headlines when workers went on strike to protest about the issue. […]

Putting Your Money Where Your Risk Is: The Business Case for Risk-Based Crisis Management

Understanding reputational risk is the first step towards effective reputation protection and so we are delighted to feature a guest blogpost on this topic from Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, a strategic risk and reputation management consulting firm based in New York City, specializing in global governance, risk, compliance, ethics and CSR advice. […]

Why answering the tough questions is an essential skill for today’s CEO

With interest in and scrutiny of business at an all time high, today’s CEOs must also assume the role of CCO – chief communication officers.  With the value of trust at a premium, corporate reputation management should now be high on the agenda for all business leaders. This means that the most successful CEOs will […]

Six principles for reputation management in a transparent world

My previous blog posting looked at the dramatically different context for reputation management in an era of total transparency, and the challenges this presents to leaders wishing to communicate and build trust with stakeholders. Here’s a copy of the full presentation from my session with Common Purpose: [slideshare id=12209887&doc=march282012commonpurposejh-120329100211-phpapp01] Against this background, successful reputation management […]

Reputation management in an era of total transparency

This year’s TrustBarometer from Edelman shows that trust in chief executives has plummeted: only four in ten people view CEOs as “credible spokespeople”.  This finding underlines the enormous challenge that businesses face in achieving successful reputation management today. It is also the background against which I led a workshop for business leaders at a recent […]

Crisis management 2012: are you prepared?

The first few weeks of 2012 have seen a succession of businesses in crisis management mode as they fought to protect their reputations in the face of challenging events and issues. Whilst the Costa Concordia disaster filled the news for weeks and required concerted crisis communication, RBS faced an issues management challenge over executive pay, […]

Why Blackberry’s crisis communication response is so damaging

Blackberry looks set to once again prove the crisis communication adage that it’s not really the crisis which damages reputation, it’s the way in which you respond to it. On this basis, Blackberry is set to suffer major harm to its reputation (and its business fortunes)  based on a tight-lipped approach to communication and a […]

Reputational overdraft hinders UBS in crisis communication efforts

With news that a “rogue trader” is responsible for a $2 billion loss, it is clear that Swiss bank UBS faces a huge crisis communication challenge.  A number of factors make this challenge even tougher than might otherwise be the case. Preserving UBS’s reputation Reports that the unauthorised trading was not picked up by UBS’s […]

Can the News of the World be good?

Yesterday we considered the crisis communication lessons that businesses could learn from the News of the World hacking scandal.  Today, guest blogger Nick Woods, head of Publicis Consultants, considers how the paper might recover from its current crisis management challenges. If you believe Rousseau, man is essentially good. He, or she, has flaws but the […]

Crisis communication – why the dustpan and brush no longer works

I attended a conference earlier this week at which the head of corporate communications from a UK police force described the overwhelming media interest in a high profile murder investigation.  In particular, she  explained how the names and personal details (not necessarily accurate) of two people were communicated by the media within hours of their arrest […]