Why problem resolution is only half the battle for effective crisis management

As the Environment Agency comes under pressure to address serious floods across England, they also face criticism for their lack of effective crisis communication.  It’s the dual challenge facing any organisation in the frontline of a major crisis: resolving the core issue and communicating effectively with affected stakeholders. Working with technology, manufacturing and operationally focused businesses […]

Crisis management training pays dividends when the heat is on

I awoke on July 1 to the sight of a large, black smoke cloud filling the sky beyond Birmingham City Centre. It turned out it was coming from a fire at a waste recycling plant and was described as one of the biggest ever blazes tackled by West Midlands firefighters. The fire service is in […]

LA Fitness fights for reputation in court of public opinion

When LA Fitness threatened to enforce its contract with a heavily pregnant woman who had fallen on hard times, it may have had the letter of the law on its side.  But once the story became public, it was found guilty in the court of public opinion. LA Fitness is just the latest business to […]

Why Blackberry’s crisis communication response is so damaging

Blackberry looks set to once again prove the crisis communication adage that it’s not really the crisis which damages reputation, it’s the way in which you respond to it. On this basis, Blackberry is set to suffer major harm to its reputation (and its business fortunes)  based on a tight-lipped approach to communication and a […]

Report into BAA’s crisis preparedness is a must-read for reputation protection

The report into Heathrow’s crisis management response to pre-Chrismas snow has just been published.  It makes me weep. Organisations like BAA should not require a major crisis to introduce professional, thorough and up to date crisis management processes.  And if these were not in place for an organisation at the very hub of the UK’s infrastructure, then […]

Five reasons not to run a crisis simulation

Here are five of the most common reasons I hear for not running a crisis simulation: 1) Money – we’d rather save the money required to commission a simulation, or spend it on something else 2) Time – it requires company time and resource to plan it effectively 3) Attention – it’s hard to secure management time and […]