C4 Dispatches results in two very different issues management strategies

When a  TV documentary team goes undercover to expose malpractice in your sector, important decisions need to be made about your issues management strategy. So it was fascinating to observe how Viagogo and Seatwave adopted entirely different reputation protection strategies when Channel 4′s Dispatches looked into the “the great ticket scandal”.  Using secret cameras, reporters […]

Social media policy is first line of defence for online crisis management

A series of YouTube videos by an American Airlines employee have added to the issues management challenges of a company already facing an uncertain business future. The humorous videos by a flight attendant parody the firm’s management and reveal the content of an internal memo sent to staff.  A discussion is developing on ragan.com as […]

Why Blackberry’s crisis communication response is so damaging

Blackberry looks set to once again prove the crisis communication adage that it’s not really the crisis which damages reputation, it’s the way in which you respond to it. On this basis, Blackberry is set to suffer major harm to its reputation (and its business fortunes)  based on a tight-lipped approach to communication and a […]

Reputation under fire: grin and bear it or take the offensive?

A recent article in the Economist reported that the best response to inaccurate online rumours was to ignore them, and instead communicate a barrage of good news.  This, the article contends, is the best form of issues management. I only half agree. Certainly, building a positive perception based on a strong and compelling corporate narrative […]

Paxman’s rant reveals lack of communication planning

Jeremy Paxman’s rant about the demise of the daily Newsnight email underlines the danger of being driven by the act of sending information rather than focusing on the effectiveness of communication. Communication planning begins by understanding the audience and their communication needs: what they want to know must be the focus, not what we want to tell them. Only then […]

Issues management in store for Hamleys

As Christmas draws ever closer and Santa receives letters (and now emails) from expectant children, the UK’s most famous toy store, Hamleys, finds itself in issues management mode. Its decision to promote the store with events featuring live reindeer and penguins has resulted in negative press coverage and its reputation under online attack.  There are […]

Five questions corporates should ask before engaging with social media

A recent survey in PR Week revealed that only 7% of business leaders believe that social media has the most impact on business reputation, compared with 63% for TV and 24% for print media.  This echoes a quote from Rolls Royce’s director of communications, Peter Morgan, who was quoted earlier this year in Corporate Communications […]

5 steps to online reputation management

As we enter the final five days of our 28 day look at organisations in crisis and issues management mode, it’s clear that online and social media has made a huge difference to the escalation, spread and management of incidents.  So what do you need if you want to be geared up for successful reputation […]

In a crisis, the Scouts are right: Be Prepared!

PR people looked on as two of the world’s most admired companies – BP and Toyota – suffered terrible crises this year, and wondered “could we be next?”.  Hopefully many have now moved on to considering what they could do in the light of these catastrophes to reduce their potential for reputational damage.  An earlier posting identified denial […]

CEOs as leaders in a crisis: essential qualities for success

In recent postings, we’ve taken a close look at the role of the CEO in crisis management.  In the final posting on this topic for now, we list some of the key qualities required by a chief executive in this context: 1) Leadership Leadership is a quality one would expect from a CEO at all […]