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Sir Richard Branson demonstrates exemplary crisis communication skills following Virgin Galactic tragedy

What can other organisations learn from Sir Richard’s response to this tragedy?

How social media is changing the face of breaking news

Every big crisis, whether a product recall, major accident or allegations of corporate fraud, has a social media dynamic these days.

Good crisis management means keeping no secrets

Secret Cinema, the immersive film experiences company,  learnt some tough reputation management lessons last week. Hours before the opening night of its special screening in east London of 80s’ classic ‘Back To The Future’, guests were informed (via its Facebook page) that the event would not go ahead. Its 200,000 plus Facebook followers and 55,000 Twitter […]

Protect your reputation from a social media crisis

With more information being created and shared online, it’s essential that organisations protect their reputation from a social media crisis. In our latest report, “The impact of social media on reputation management – navigating a new legal and communication landscape” we consider the implications of social media on reputation management from both a legal and communications […]

Think before you Tweet to avoid kicking off a social media crisis

As an Aston Villa fan, my interest in crisis management planning regularly extends beyond my professional life (through necessity rather than choice). So, it was with interest that I noticed a photo tweeted by first team player Andi Weimann last weekend.  It showed the players returning home on the team coach following their final thrashing […]


Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying the power, or speed, of social media, especially when it comes to crisis management. Within hours of Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, one misguided sports fan found herself at the centre of a major Twitter storm after tweeting that Andy was generously donating his tournament winnings […]

Claire’s crisis communication response: designed for success?

Claire’s, the accessories and jewellery retailer, has found itself cast in the classic role of corporate Goliath, supposedly trampling over a much smaller rival following allegations that it copied the product of an independent designer. It’s an impression unlikely to win friends and one which the company would wish to shake off.  Its crisis communication […]

C4 Dispatches results in two very different issues management strategies

When a  TV documentary team goes undercover to expose malpractice in your sector, important decisions need to be made about your issues management strategy. So it was fascinating to observe how Viagogo and Seatwave adopted entirely different reputation protection strategies when Channel 4’s Dispatches looked into the “the great ticket scandal”.  Using secret cameras, reporters […]

Social media policy is first line of defence for online crisis management

A series of YouTube videos by an American Airlines employee have added to the issues management challenges of a company already facing an uncertain business future. The humorous videos by a flight attendant parody the firm’s management and reveal the content of an internal memo sent to staff.  A discussion is developing on as […]

LA Fitness fights for reputation in court of public opinion

When LA Fitness threatened to enforce its contract with a heavily pregnant woman who had fallen on hard times, it may have had the letter of the law on its side.  But once the story became public, it was found guilty in the court of public opinion. LA Fitness is just the latest business to […]