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Crisis management training

Crisis management training

Our Crisis Management Training prepares you to respond to any crisis

Crisis management training to build team skills and confidence 

Crisis management plans are important, but without crisis management training, your people will likely lack the knowledge and confidence to successfully manage a crisis. So developing crisis management skills through crisis training, and confidence through crisis exercises and crisis simulations must be part of your crisis management planning.

In its Reputation Review, Oxford Metrica revealed that the biggest losers in the aftermath of a crisis were those which either "delayed communication responses or failed to respond entirely" – in other words, their crisis communication strategy failed. Experience shows that it is only by committing to thorough crisis management and crisis communication training that organisations can be sure to respond quickly and appropriately.

Crisis management training to help protect your reputation

Insignia has delivered crisis management and crisis communication training globally to thousands of executives across many different business types and our clients' feedback underlines the critical part that it plays in their crisis preparedness.  

Our approach is always to deliver high quality, tailored crisis management training based on your stage of crisis readiness. Crisis management workshops are valuable for new or inexperienced teams who need to know the key principles of crisis management; desktop exercises are essential when a new crisis management plan is being rolled out or when a crisis management team needs a refresher; a crisis simulation fully rehearses your team and plan and prepares you to face a crisis for real.

Training and exercising is a critical element of any crisis management programme. It builds the skills and confidence required to do and say the right thing on the worst day of your business life.

Take a look at our case studies to find out how crisis management training has benefited some of our clients or view this video to see behind the scenes of an Insignia crisis simulation.





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Key benefits



Understanding of your crisis management plan, team roles and responsibilities


A well-functioning team ready to manage a crisis


Spokespeople able to get their message across under pressure


Confidence to deal with social media in a crisis


Continuous improvement to protect your organisation and its reputation

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We take to privacy seriously and we do not share details with third parties, full details can be found on our privacy policy page.

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