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Crisis Management Training

Crisis communication training is essential to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to say the right thing under pressure in a crisis. Insignia gives you the principles, techniques and practice to communicate effectively when it matters most.

Crisis Media Training

Insignia’s crisis media training is specifically designed to provide the necessary skills for media spokespeople to communicate effectively about risk.

Why your values must guide your crisis response

Your chances of mounting a successful crisis management response will be significantly increased if you have engaged in crisis management planning and crisis management training beforehand.

Kate Hudson, Associate Programme Director, Henley Business School

Insignia was recommended to us because of their specialist expertise in crisis management and media handling, and their ability to deliver a high quality learning experience for a group of very senior, intelligent and ambitious participants.

Chris Scarrott, Chief Executive, Roquette UK Ltd

Insignia understood exactly our business needs and developed a bespoke training package which included tactical decision-making, a press conference, team building exercises and even fire-fighting. We found it to be an exhausting but hugely valuable day.

Sue Boxall, Vice President HR, Lundin Mining Corporation

Insignia brings professionalism to a critical business issue. There are few more challenging issues than crisis management and Jonathan and the Insignia team has worked with us as partners to achieve the creation of a sound platform of capability and process on a global basis.

Why crisis media training is about more than just the message

Why crisis media training is about more than just the message

How damaging Is the emissions scandal to Volkswagen?

Jonathan Hemus speaks to Bloomberg about the Volkswagen cheating scandal and the implications for the company

The four questions you will be asked in every crisis interview

Understanding the media agenda is an essential part of succeeding in a crisis interview (and a critical part of your media training). Knowing what you are likely to be asked leaves you free to focus on communicating your messages with clarity and sincerity.

Vaughan Lindsay, Chief executive, Dartington Hall

Whilst we knew that we needed media training, it’s a real challenge to secure the commitment and attention of a busy senior management team for a whole day. The Insignia team exceeded our expectations in this regard, delivering a session which not only sharpened our media handling skills, but went w

Crisis media training

While some things have changed in crisis management training over the last ten years (not least the requirement to plan thoroughly for social media).