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Crisis Workshop

A crisis management workshop with Insignia Communications delivers an interactive experience that builds an organisation's resilience to crisis.

Louise Raisbeck

Louise Rasibeck has more than 20 years’ experience as a public relations and crisis communications consultant, with experience in a range of industries.

Mark Wenham

Mark had a successful career as an Army officer latterly specialising in communications and media operations. He has had considerable operational and crisis experience during this time in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, Cyprus and Northern Ireland. His last appointment in the military was as the Head of the UK Defence Media Operations Centre where he …

Joe Hawke

Joe Hawke is a communications consultant with 6 years’ experience.

How to prepare your organization for a terrorist attack

Terrorism is never far from the headlines and while the impact on human lives is, of course, the biggest and most important consequence of a terrorist incident, it is not the only one; businesses need to prepare for the potential impacts. Jonathan Hemus looks at five areas to focus on.

Leading through a crisis: Passing the acid test of management

Insignia's MD, Jonathan Hemus, offers advice on how leaders can help guide their organisation through a crisis

Open course November 25th, London: communicating through a crisis

Insignia has joined forces with TNR and the Press Association to offer a workshop on crisis communications

Three things to focus on in a crisis - and one which you must not

Representing your organization in front of the media during a crisis is a daunting prospect: make sure that you give yourself the best chance by deploying messages which demonstrate empathy for your stakeholders.

How to protect your organization’s reputation from employee misconduct

Insignia's MD, Jonathan Hemus, takes a look at how to protect your organisation's reputation from employee misconduct

Crisis communication – how to get it right

Effective crisis communication relies on clear, simple and appropriate messaging. Get it right at the outset and you’ll enhance your organisation’s ability to protect its reputation. Get it wrong and the consequences can be devastating.

8 Best Practices for Emergency Communications on Social Media

Insignia's managing director, Jonathan Hemus, offers commentary about how consumers use social media to engage with breaking news

Crisis management the acid test of leadership

In this blog we summarise the principles and share the words of leaders at the frontline to illustrate how the principles have influenced their crisis response.

Research reveals how journalists use social media in crisis communications

Further coverage of Insignia's report looking at the impact of social media on breaking news and the wide-ranging implications for crisis communication

Perceptions of High Profile Crises

PR Week Crisis Communications Conference - Insignia research results showing perceptions of how organisations managed high profile crises over the last twelve months.

Presidents Club: Learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Our managing director, Jonathan Hemus, writing about the Presidents Club in Management Today, warns that organisations should learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Crisis Communications Seminar - 14 October 2016

LG Communications confirmed Insignia's Managing Director, Jonathan Hemus, as a speaker for their Crisis Communication Seminar on October, 14 in London.

Talk Talk and the crisis management journey

The crisis management journey and the learnings we can take from the Talk Talk data breach.

Why social media requires a new relationship between legal and communication advisors

As more information about an organisation is created and shared on social media, the frequency of reputational crises has also increased. It is no surprise that mistakes happen – people get defamed, privacy gets invaded and intellectual property rights get breached.