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Crisis management training
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Crisis Management Training

Developing skills and confidence to protect your reputation in a crisis

1 Understanding of your crisis management plan, team roles and responsibilities
2 A well-functioning team ready to manage a crisis
3 Spokespeople able to get their message across under pressure
4 Confidence to deal with social media in a crisis
5 Continuous improvement to protect your organisation and its reputation
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Crisis management plans are important, but even more critical is the ability of your people to manage a crisis. So developing crisis management skills through crisis management training, and confidence through crisis exercises and crisis simulations must be part of your crisis management planning.

In its Reputation Review, Oxford Metrica revealed that the biggest losers in the aftermath of a crisis were those which either “delayed communication responses or failed to respond entirely” – in other words, their crisis communication strategy failed. Experience shows that it is only by committing to a thorough crisis training programme and developing crisis communication plans that organisations can be sure to respond quickly and appropriately.

Insignia Communications has delivered crisis management training globally to thousands of executives across many different business types.

How did our clients feel?

Chris Scarrott

“Insignia understood exactly our business needs and developed a bespoke training package which included tactical decision-making, a press conference, team building exercises and even fire-fighting.”

Chris Scarrott, Roquette UK Ltd, Chief Executive

Sue Boxall,

“Insignia clearly exceeded expectations with many participants commenting that this was their best ever training experience. I was extremely impressed by Insignia and found them one of the most professional and pleasant teams I have worked with.”

Kate Hudson, Associate Programme Director, Henley Business School

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Insignia’s crisis management training, testing and rehearsal capabilities include:


Front-line crisis media training
Giving receptionists, switchboard operators and security guards the skills to deal with the media and protect your reputation when crisis strikes.

Desktop exercises
Facilitated walk throughs of your crisis management plan to ensure the crisis team understands and is able to apply it. Learn more.

Crisis simulations
Realistic, inter-active crisis exercises to test and train your crisis management team and crisis communication plan under pressure. Learn more.

Social media simulations
Our life-like online crisis management training tool allows you to gain experience of managing a social media crisis in a safe environment. Learn more.

Crisis media training
Our crisis communication expertise plus the experience of working journalists give your spokespeople the skills and confidence to succeed in a crisis. Learn more.

Crisis communication workshop
A crisis management masterclass outlining best practice and latest insights for reputation protection. Learn more.

Crisis team building
Tailored crisis management training sessions to give your crisis management team the leadership, crisis communication strategy, teamwork and decision-making skills they need in a crisis. Learn more.

A crisis tests the abilities of your team to the full: crisis management training gives them the knowledge, experience and practice to succeed under pressure.