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Insignia Communications: shaping destinies through the power of communication

Insignia Communications is a communication consultancy specialising in reputation management, crisis management planning, crisis management training and communication training. Clients trust us to provide advice and training which help to shape the destiny of their organisation. That’s because they respect the honest and constructive advice we give, always motivated by what’s in their best interests.

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From our clients

Vaughan Lindsay, chief executive, Dartington Hall

"Insignia’s input helped us to think about our core narrative in a different way, made us re-evaluate the messages we communicate about ourselves and provided invaluable guidance in how to deal with the tricky issues which face us from time to time"

Vaughan Lindsay, chief executive, Dartington Hall

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Reputation management

A clear and engaging reputation is essential for long term business success. Insignia Communications help organisations build strong reputations through communication planning, stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement programmes. And we provide communication coaching and media training to ensure that executives are able to get the right messages across.
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Crisis management planning

Being prepared to preserve your good name in case of an incident, issue or crisis is a necessity for any responsible business that values its reputation.  Insignia advise clients on how to protect reputation through reputational risk assessments, scenario planning, crisis management audits and crisis management plans.
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Crisis management training

Having the confidence that your people will do and say the right thing in the event of a crisis is crucial.  Insignia's crisis management training programmes including crisis media training, crisis simulations, desktop exercises and social media crisis simulations build the people’s skills and confidence to successfully protect reputation under pressure in a crisis.
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Crisis management handling

Sometimes you might need additional crisis management expertise to ensure your reputation is well protected when the heat is on. Insignia's experienced communication consultants are on hand to help you successfully navigate issues management and crisis management challenges.
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Insignia News

April 2nd 2015 Lufthansa Chief Carsten Spohr under spotlight after Germanwings crash Lufthansa's CEO faces questions about what company knew about co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’s condition. Jonathan Hemus comments on the chief executive’s handling of the situation.
February 10th 2015 How Eurostar used Twitter to effectively manage a crisis When smoke closed the Eurotunnel in January, Eurostar turned to Twitter to keep travellers informed. Alex Johnson comments on the lessons that can be learnt from this social success story.
December 12th 2014 Can a company succeed with a toxic reputation? Uber's route to the top has been pockmarked with scandal, but is the controversial taxi start-up reputation-proof? Jonathan Hemus shares in this CNN article.

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February 25th 2015 “Absolutely excruciating” interview highlights importance of media training Sophie Hunt offers key tips for spokespeople looking to avoid a media interview gaffe.